Simulation of Flow Field of Molten Salt in Neodymium Metal Electrolytic Cell Using Vortex-Flow Function Method


Ren Yonghong Kong Xiangmin Xie Liying (China Metallurgical Import &Export Baogang Company, Baotou 014010, China; Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth, Baotou 014010, China)


<正> With the applications of Nd-Fe-B material extending in recent years, the materials of neodymium metal and other rare earth metal alloy confront the increased demand and the high quality request at the same time. These factors stimulated greatly to perfect the producing craft of RE metals and improve the equipments. The rare earth electrolysis cell is developing towards large-scale way. Notwithstanding the present electrolysis cell of Nd metal, include 6 kA and 10 kA cell, exists some insurmountable problems during operation and these problems lead to lower electric efficiency and higher operating costs. So it is significant to study the physical fields of rare earth electrolysis cell. In this paper, a numerical flow mode is established using vortex- flowing function method and the fluid flow field of 3000A Nd electrolysis cell is computed using MATLAB. The results of the study will be important reference in theory for improving and enlarging rare earth fluoride system cell.


neodymium; electrolytic cell; fluid flow field; vortex-flowing function method; numerical simulation; rare earths


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