Primary Study on Effects of New Rare Earth Agro-Materials on Potato


Yang Qifeng, Mao Wanhu, Wang Jiachen, Xing Guo Yang Jun Liu Xiangsheng (Gansu Provincial Agro-Technique Extension Centre, Lanzhou 730020 China; National Rare Earth Centre for Agriculture, Beijing 100088,China; DingXi County Agro-Technology Extension Centre, Gansu 730008, China. )


<正> Using common phosphate as a check, we studied the growth and yield of potato by new rare earth agro-materials including rare earth phosphate (base fertilizer), rare earth whole plant nutrient fertilizer, and amino acid chelated rare earth (top dressing) , which were used in a single or mixed way in Dingxi city, Gansu Province. The results are as follows that (1) After using new rare earth materials, the plant height increases by 0.4-5.6 cm and the ripen period is delayed by 4-9 d. (2) They can improve the potato economic characteristics, enhance productivity, decrease black leg and late blight. The disease index is decreased by 1. 6% - 10. 6% , single plant potato number increases by 0.3-0.5, and single plant yield increases by 80 g - 130 g. (3) The effect of increased yield is significant, and mixed use is better than single use. In the single material treatments, rare earth phosphate is the best, rare earth whole plant nutrient fertilizer and amino acid chelated rare earth are the second, and the increased rate are 14.5% , 8.4% ,9.2% so the material mixture-rare earth phosphate mixed of rare earth whole plant nutrient fertilizer or with amino acid chelated rare earth is economically useable, and increase rate are 25.2% and 24.4% compared with common phosphate.


potato; economic characteristics; diseases; yield; economic useable


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