Study on Alfalfa Yield Improved by New Rare Earth Materials for Agriculture


Fan Tianwen, Abudukahar, Cui Yingguo, Peng Jianzhang , Wang Jiachen (Grassland Working Station of Yili, Yining 835000, China; Grassland Working Station of Urumqi, Uru-mqi 830000, China; Grassland Working Station of Chapuchaer County, Yili 835300, China; Beijing General Research Institure for Nonferrous Metals, Beijing 100088,China)


<正> New rare earth (RE) materials for agriculture including RE entire nutrition agent, amino acid chelated RE fertilizer, RE phosphate were used to alfalfa production in Grassland Working Station of Yili, Xinjiang Province, and repetition was 3 with 7 treatments. The result shows that by using new RE materials, the average treatment height of alfalfa increases by 12.5% compared with traditional cultural, and the yield increases from 21.8% to 41.6% compared with that of traditional cultural. These results show that the new materials have significant good effect on alfalfa production.


rare earth materials for agriculture; alfalfa; yield


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