Studies on Sulfating Roasting Process for Mianning Bastnasite and Baotou Mixed RE Concentrate Ore


Miao Guangli ( Gansu Rare Earth Company, Baiyin 730922, China)


<正> Some processes of sulfating roasting and water leaching of crude Mianning RE concentrate ore, of fine Mian-ning RE concentrate ore, of Baotou RE concentrate ore and of their mixture were investigated. The result shows that the mixture of Mianning and Baotou RE concentrate ore has the optimum leaching rate and rate of recovery when the mixture ratio is 1:4. The recovery rate of the mixture is higher by 14.76% than that of crude Mianning RE concentrate ore, by 5.0 % than that of Mianning fine RE concentrate ore and by 2.4 % than that of Baotou RE concentrate ore.


Mianning RE concentrate ore; Baotou RE concentrate ore; sulfating roasting processing


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