Status of Research on Application of High Purity Rare Earth Oxides in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells


Ma Zhihong, Qiu Jufeng (Baotou Hengyitong Rare Earth Co., Ltd, Baotou 014060, China; Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths, Baotou 014010, China)


<正> The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a high-efficient and environmentally friendly power generation system. The rare earth oxide materials are used extensively in the manufacturing of SOFC components. In particular, the CeO2 doped with Gd2O3 or Sm2O3, lanthanide perovskite oxides are indispensable and key materials for developing the intermediate temperature SOFC. The research and development status of application of high purity rare earth oxides in SOFC was overviewed. The rare earth oxide-based and -doped materials were discussed for the SOFC components. Concerning the rare earth oxides applicable to SOFC, several topics were also pointed out for further researching and developing.


inorganic materials chemistry; oxide ceramics; solid oxide fuel cell; component materials; rare earths


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