Prospect of MH-Ni Batteries Development


Xu Shaoping , Xing Zhiqiang , Liang Wanlong, Ma Yijun (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery Co. Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China


<正> The development trend and promising application prospects of high-power MH-Ni battery were reviewed by studying and comparing the current high-power batteries research area. High-power MH-Ni battery has good performance, such as high specific energy with 60-70 Wh·kg-1, high specific power with 150-250 W·kg-1, long cycle life with 500 - 1000 times, abundant material resource, especially abundant rare earth resource in China, high-rate discharging, rapid charging, good safety as well as no pollution, etc. , which is regarded as the most promising storage battery for electric vehicles. The performance of high power MH-Ni battery can be brought into play fully and ensure e-lectric vehicles performance if it is equipped with appropriate chargers, controlling system and electric motors. Facing opportunities and challenges, MH-Ni battery has promising application prospects on hybrid electric automobile, electric bicycle and a variety of small sized electric vehicles by improving its technology constantly and developing market actively.


MH/Ni battery; high-power battery; development prospect


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