Geochemical Characteristics and Occurrence States of RE Element in Phosphorite in Xinhua , Zhijin, Guizhou


Zhang Jie,Zhang Qin,Chen Dailiang, Cheng Jiyan ZhuLei (Chengdu University of Technology, Geosciences College, Chengdu 610059, China; Guizhou University, College of Resources and Environment, Guiyang 550003 , China; GuiZhou Geological Survey Academy, Ministry of Chemical Industry, Zunyi 563100, China)


<正> The RE and composition of trace elements analysis show that phosphorite-ores are rich in ∑RE concentration generally in Xinhua, Zhijin. The phosphorites were measured to gather LRE and HRE element. It is higher than other rocks. The phosphorite has enriched Y, La and Nd chemical element. There are leading characteristics of concentrated La, LRE and Y, HRE. The chondrite-normalized RE element patterns of the Xinhua dolomitic phosphorite distribute mode for rightwards type to one side of the curve. LRE/HRE > 1, (La/Sm) N > (Gd/Yb) N, and all indicate that LRE content is higher than HRE. The test mode of chemical analysis of single mineral, chemistry phase analysis, scan electric analysis and micro-electronics probe analysis were adopted. The chart of EDAX showed that there was representative element-Y(RE) in exsiting. There was no independent mineral of the RE. It is show that part of the few rare earth chemical element is adsorbed by the clay mineral, much for the type of quality isomorphic form exist in the apatite crystal structure of phosphorite inside.


occurrence of RE; phosphorites in Xinhua; rare earths


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