Calcination-Digestion-Desliming of Phosphorus Ore Bearing Rare Earth


Zhang Qin, Zhang Jie, Wang Jing, Qiu Yue qin (Guizhou University of Technology, Guiyang 550003, China)


<正> The recoveries of phosphorus and RE of ore from Zhijin in Guizhou were studied. The influences of the calcination temperature, resident time, the digested time and water volume of the calcinating on concentrate yield by des-liming were also investigated by orthogonal design. Appropriate calcination temperature is initial condition that makes carbonate mineral decomposition. The recovery of phosphorus is 83.02% and rare earth is 90.56% in phosphorus concentrate when calcined temperature is 900℃, other conditions include: calcined time is 30 min, digestion water volume is 300 ml, digestion time is 20 min. The results show that the pre-treatment of the ore is favorable for the separation and enrichment of rare earth from phosphorus ore, and a process of calcination-digestion-desliming was promised.


phosphorus ore, calcination-digestion-desliming, separation, rare earths


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