Solar Energy Cell with Rare Earth Film


Li Baojun, Yang Tao, Zhou Yao Zhou Meng Fu Xiliang , Fu Li (Institute of Architecture Technique Research, Shenyang Jianzhu Univercity, Shenyang 110016, China)


<正> The characteristic of the solar energy cell with the rare earth film according to theory of molecular structure was introduced. When sunlight shines, the molecules of the rare earth film can absorb energy of the photon and jump to the excited state from the basic state, and play a role in storing solar energy. When sunlight do not shine, the electron of the excited state returns to the basic state, the rare earth film can automatically give out light and shine to surface of the solar cell, which can make solar cell continuously generate electric current. The rare earth film can absorb direct, scattering sunlight, and increase density of solar energy to reach surface of the solar cell, and play focusing function. The rare earth film can bear 350 - 500℃, which make the solar cell be able to utilize the focusing function system. Because after luminescence of the rare earth film, it can release again the absorbed solar energy through 1 - 8 h, and play a role in storing solar energy; The solar cell with the rare-earth film can generate electricity during night and cloudy days, and remarkably increase efficiency of the solar cell.


solar energy; rare-earth film; cell; luminescence


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