PMAC Principle and Its Application to Cell Winding


Zhao Xiaolong , Yang yonggang, Zhang Zhiyuan, Wu Fengming (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery Co, Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China)


<正> The structure and principle of the PMAC (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller) were described. The implementation of PMAC hardware was illustrated by taking the winding process of one cell for example. The main obvious character of PMAC is to complete a movement program in turns of movement sequence. When PMAC is notified to execute a motion program, it will process one command every time and finish all the calculation to be ready for real action. PMAC card works always prior to real action, when necessary, it can always coordinate correctly with the action which will be carried out soon PMAC will automatically carry out the function of resource management periodically to make sure that the whole system is in correct condition. And also, it can communicate with host computer anytime even during a movement series. The responsibility of PMAC is to organize command according to priority to optimize the system, so as to run the application program safely and efficiently. The function and application of control were emphasized.


PMAC; winding machine; control; encoder; arbor; movement program


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