Research on Eliminate Micro-Shorted MH/Ni Batteries


Liang Wanlong, Zhang Zhong, Xu Shaoping, Ma Yijun (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery CO. , Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China)


<正> There are two methods for selecting micro-shorted MH/Ni batteries out from all formationed. cells. One is to judge by the decrease of open circuit voltage which takes longer standing time to eliminate efficiently and does not work very well when the coverage of open circuit voltage is big. Another is to judge by discharge capacity of charged cells, this can not only meet the requirement of MH/Ni battery stored in charged state, but also has the advantages of being easier to read out, good accuracy and taking shorting standing time etc, is a proper way to be used on the production line.


micro-short; open circuit voltage; capacity standing capability


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