Application of MicroLogix?1200 PLC in Battery OCV Test


Zhang Zhiyuan , Yang Yonggang, Zhao Xiaolong , Wu Fengming (Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery Co. , Ltd. , Baotou 014030, China)


<正> The application of MicroLogix?1200 PLC made by American AB Company in battery automatic production line located in Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power MH/Ni Battery Co. , Ltd was introduced. OCV namely open circuit voltage could be somewhat different because of the build materials of negative electrode, positive electrode and electrolyte. So OCV test can check the voltage value of electrolyte filled cells and figure out if the value is within the process specification. MicroLogixTM 1200 relay output type PLC, DeviceNet communication card, variable speed driver, Panelview 1000 color touch screen and some other hardwares were chosen. Then programme by using RSLOGIX500 software, a flexible and skillful use of shift and XOR command in PLC system can make the equipments realize the high automation. Through DeviceNet network based on CAN and with the advantages of quick response and high reliability transmit the information to supervise and control master panel, the system with these components can successfully realize proceeding the battery OCV test and control. The equipments are running stably, locating and test accuracy satisfy the process request.


open circuit voltage OCV; shift bit; network


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