Experimental Investigation and Feasibility Analysis of the Thermophotovoltaic System using Industrial High-temperature Waste Heat


Xi Wu 1,a,Hong Ye 1,b,Jianxiang Wang 1,c,Xiaojie Xu 2,d and Xiaotong Ge 2,e 1 Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,Anhui,230027,P.R.China 2 School of Physics Science and Technology,Soochow University,Suzhou,Jiangsu,215006,P.R.China


The experimental I-V characteristics of a Si cell module in a thermophotovoltaic system using a SiC radiator were investigated.The results demonstrate that the short-circuit current increases while the open-circuit voltage,especially the fill factor decreases as cell temperature increases when the radiator temperature increases from 1273K to 1573K,leading to a lowered increase of the system output power.The maximum output power density of the cell module is 0.05W/cm 2 .The values of the open-circuit voltage and the maximum output power obtained by theoretical analysis agree well with the experimental ones.But the theoretical short-circuit current are higher because of the existence of contact resistance inside the cell module.In addition,the performance and cost of a TPV cogeneration system using industrial high-temperature waste heat were analyzed.The system electrical efficiency is 8.6% when the ytterbium oxide radiator temperature is 1573K.The system cost and investment recovery period are 13105EUR/kW el and 10 years,respectively.


thermophotovoltaic,industrial waste heat,ytterbium oxide,system efficiency


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