A Serious Game for Teaching and Learning Agricultural Machinery Driving


Qin Ma , Zhoutuo Yang , Hong Chen, Dehai Zhu and Hao Guo Department of Computer Science, China Agricultural University, Beijing ,China


In this paper, we describe the software design framework and simulation model for agricultural machinery driving training based on serious game. The traditional driving training depends on the real machinery, which always results in high training cost, low efficiency and safety accident. To solve the above problems, a new training framework is realized by expressing the complex driving instruction as linked list and EBNF. By comparison among linear interpolation, parabolic interpolation and Lagrange interpolation method, a succinct high-efficient machine simulation model is constructed. Then a serious game for agricultural machinery driving training based on these models is developed. In this game, we make use of the latest Unity3d engine to generate a living virtual environment for learners to get familiar with agricultural machinery knowledge and basic operation techniques. Due to the low requirement of hardware, the serious game will help to decrease training expenses greatly and alleviate the current problems of agricultural machinery driving training.


Agricultural machinery driving training, Serious game, Driving instruction, Dynamic simulation model, Unity3d engine.


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