Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Floating Population’s Social Integration in Zhejiang Province——the Importance of Cultural Factors


Li Meixiang;Wang Yongle;


The rapid inflows of floating population has become the main reasons of the sharp increase of resident population in Zhejiang province in the new century. The author released more than 1000 questionnaires respectively in Hangzhou, Lishui and Jinhua, then carried on a simple statistical analysis. Secondly, the author conducted a exploratory factor analysis for survey data, found that influencing factors of social integration could be divided into 3 parts. Finally, With the economic, social and cultural factors as independent variables, and with the self-cognition on whether be a local as the dependent variable, the author established a multiple linear regression modes and found that cultural factors had the greatest impact on social integration.


Floating population, Social integration, Cultural factors.


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