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Springer Journals Database

Total: 18 articles

  • [1] Masafumi Matsui;;Tomohiko Shimada;;Wan-Zhao Liu;;Mohamed Maryati;;Wichase Khonsue;;Nikolai Orlov, Phylogenetic relationships of Oriental torrent frogs in the genus Amolops and its allies (Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae), Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution,
  • [2] Takeshi Igawa;;Atsushi Kurabayashi;;Midori Nishioka;;Masayuki Sumida, Molecular phylogenetic relationship of toads distributed in the Far East and Europe inferred from the nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial DNA genes, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution,
  • [3] Jeffery A Wilkinson;;Robert C Drewes;;Owatha L Tatum, A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the family Rhacophoridae with an emphasis on the Asian and African genera, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution,
  • [4] M.Clement;D.Posada;K. A.Crandall, TCS: a computer program to estimate gene genealogies, Molecular Ecology,