An Improved 2-Dinension TLM Model


Cao Li(The Dept. of Computer and System Science, Nankai Univ., Tianjin 300071, China) Xiong Guangyu (The Dept. of Elec. Eng., Taiyuan Dniv. of Tech., Taiynan 030024, China)


<正> For the normal 2-D TLM model it's not possible to simulate the inhomogeneous materials corresponding to the tangential field components, at whieh ease a much more complicated 3-D model has to be used. Thus an improred 2-D TLM shunt node is devoloped so that all the 2-D inhomogeneous structures can be simulated with it.The despersion of tke wave Telocity of the node ia analyzed, then a mierostrip waveguide is modelled and the good aggreements of the results show the rightness and the effectiveness of it.


TLM;node;An Improved 2-Dinension TLM Model;


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