Transient Effect of DC Stressed Dielectric Breakdown in Thin SiO_2 Films


Akira Toriumi;Hideki Satake;


<正>A post-breakdown resistance of SiO_2 has been studiedas a quantitative monitor to describe the dielectricbreakdown characteristics.First,the usefulness of post-breakdown SiO_2 analysis is discussed on the basis ofexperimental results.Clear differences between dry andwet oxides or stress polarities are shown in lerms of thepost-breakdown resistance of SiO_2,as well as the charge-to-breakdown.Then,the soft-and hard-breakdownstypically observed in sub-10 nm SiO_2 are discussedquualitaivcly but statistically.A main point discussed isto consider a time constant in MOS closed circuitincluding a sample itself just at the dielectric breakdown.The results imply that the intrinsic parasitic effectsbecome more important in modeling and assessment ofscaled-down CMOS device reliability


SBD;Transient Effect of DC Stressed Dielectric Breakdown in Thin SiO_2 Films;


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