Research on Electric Mesh Grid for Seawater Desalination Based on Capacitive deionization


CHENG Shukang;GONG Hailong;GUO Bin;ZHANG Peng Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150080,China


<正>To study seawater desalination method which has low energy consumption and environmental friendly effect,the concept of electric mesh grid for seawater desalination based on capacitive deionization is proposed.The electric mesh grid adopts mesh structure and realizes the desalination function by the electric field which is produced by network of high-density with the charge of the contrary sign.The process principle of electric mesh grid is introduced in this paper.The gain condition of the surface area of electric mesh grid is discussed, the field distribution in electric mesh grid is calculated by FEA and the ion adsorption with different mesh structure is researched.The analysis results show that the electric mesh grid of same-mesh with contrary-sign has a significant advantage for increasing ion adsorption.


seawater desalination;;electric mesh grid;;electric field intensity;;ion adsorption


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