The Succession of a Traditional Landscape Style in Yanjing Eight Scenery


Makoto Akasaka;Yoji Aoki;


<正>The Eight Scenery,as a traditional landscape to today,gradually caught the concern of landscape scholars,as well became the mutual cultural wealth of South Korea,China and Japan even of the whole Asia.The Yanjing Eight Scenery firstly originated from the Jin dynasty is an important representation of Eight Scenery culture in Scenic Spots and Historical Sites of China.The transition process of Yanjing Eight Scenery is examined in this thesis,and the cause of such change is also analyzed.Moreover,the landscape content of Yanjing Eight Scenery is classified in detail,and the succession of the landscape architecture of the Yanjing Eight Scenery style under the traditional culture is analyzed from the aspects of rebuilding pavilion,landscape arrangement,building,and new landscape architecture rebuilt followed the religious,the plant landscape and the traditional culture based on the classification.Beijing regional culture has influenced Yanjing Eight Scenery by its classification,the landscape evaluation,and the analysis of the landscape feature,in addition,this paper searches for the model to research the Eight Scenery culture in each country of Asia.


Yanjing Eight Scenery;;Transition;;History;;Classification;;Characteristic


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