Resonant spectra of symmetric microcavity


Yiping Han Jianyong Liu Guoxia Han School of Science, Xidian University, Xi'an, China, 710071


<正>The properties of Morphological Dependant Resonance (MDR)'s for spherical, cylindrical microcavity have been investigated. The behaviour of locations, quality factors of resonances for spherical and cylindrical microcav ity has been discussed. The resonance spectrum for symmetric microcavity is rigorously calculated and shows the strong dependence of the resonance spectrum on the physical characteristics of the microcavity. Note that the position of the resonance peaks is extremely sensitive to wavelength or diameter, permitting a very accurate determination of symmetric microcavity size.Key words: Morphological Dependant Resonance, Mie theory, microcavity


Resonant spectra of symmetric microcavity;


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