The numerical simulation and computational method research of spray scrubber


Zhang yongfang Hao huidi Gao Yong (Northwest university shannxi xi'an)


<正>SO_2 emissions from coal-fired thermal power plants is one of the primary sources of air pollution in China.In order to protect the environment,the flue gas desulfuration process is needed.Because of high efficiency and reliability,limestone-gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization(WFGD)technology is the most commonly used technology for controlling the emission of SO_2 in the world.It is adopted by nearly 85%of big coal-fired thermal power plants.The spray scrubber is the main Installation in FGD,the main task of it is to remove sulfur dioxide from flue gas and to produce gypsum as a saleable product.In this paper,The CFD code FLUENT has been used to simulate the gas-liquid hydrodynamics of the 1000mw unit spray scrubber in three different types of inlets,they are single inlet,120°double inlets and 180°doubule inlets in different spray levels.Furthermore,besides the model analysis and computational method research of SO_2 absorption,the materiel balance and temperature field are also studied.The simulation results of the desulfurization system for 1000mw unit by this model is compared to that of corresponding measured resulets,the simulation resulets agreed with messurement results well.The results shows that the CFD modle of 120°double inlets type has the high desulfurization efficiency,some advices of performance optimization of flue gas desulfurization is gived for engineering practice.


Wet flue gas desulfurizaton;;Spray scrubber;;Numerical simulation


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