Xia Yang. Mingbo Yang, Zhongming Li, Jianming Feng College of Material Science and Engineering Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, P.R.China


<正> This paper introduces recent investigation on the auxetic phenomenon in the polyolefin blends. Firstly, specimens with stable auxetic effect had been obtained. Its value was -1.4. Secondly, the paraments, which affect the behavior, were discussed as follows: the process pressure, the consistence between two phases, the modulus relationship between the matrix and the inclusion. It was found that lower process pressure provides benefit for the auxetic value, for example, the value of the u can be -1.7 when the pressure was 20% of atmosphere. When the consistence was improved to a certain degree, the value of u was also decreased greatly. A very important factor was the modulus, the auxetic properties was very obvious when the modulus differential of the two phases reached the range between 800 and 1000Mpa, another benefit situation for the value of μ


Polymer Blends, Auxetic, mechanism, modulus


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