Controllable Synthesis of Pd Nanocatalysts for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC) Application:from Pd Hollow Nanospheres to Pd Nanoparticles


Junjie GE Wei XING Xinzhong XUE Changpeng LIU Tianhong LU Jianhui LIAO State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry,Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,Changchun,Jilin 130022,P.R.China


<正>The electrochemical oxidation of formic acid has attracted a lot of attentions in the last few years due to the great potential of direct formic acid fuel cell(DFAFC)in applications.However,the Pd particles size in the Pd/C catalyst prepared with the general reduction method is difficult to control and usually larger than expected.In this paper,carbon supported Pd hollow nanospheres and




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