Investigation of Temperature Characteristics of OLEDs by Raman Spectroscopy


Hiroya Tsuji;Atsusi Oda;Junji Kido;Takuro Sugiyama;Yukio Furukawa;


<正>In the white-light OLEDs with a large active area,overheating causes the degradation of the device.It is important to obtain the information about the temperatures of organic layers in the OLEDs.The temperatures of organic layers cannot be directly measured with a thermocouple and a radiation thermometer,because the organic layers are inside the thick glass substrate.In Raman spectroscopy,the ratio of the intensity of anti-Stokes to Stokes Raman scattering for a given vibration depends on the temperature of the sample.Thus,in this work,by using Raman spectroscopy,we have determined the temperature of the CuPc layer in the operating OLED with the ITO/CuPc/α-NPD/Alq_3/LiF-Al structure and that of the Btp_2Ir(acac)dopants in the operating OLED with the NPD/Btp_2Ir(acac)(15%):CBP/BAlq/Alq_3/LiF-Al structure.




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