C_(2v)-symmetric C_(60) isomer in the gas phase


CHEN,Rui-Ting;XIE,Su-Yuan ~*;HUANG,Rong-Bin;ZHENG,Lan-Sun State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces and Department of Chemistry,College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Xiamen University,Xiamen,361005,China.


<正>Non-IPR(Isolated-Pentagon-Rule) C_(60) isomer has rarely been investigated experimentally due to its high reactivity arising from unavoidable fused-pentagons.The recently reported availability of ~(#1809)C_(60)Cl_8 opens a pathway for investigation of ~(#1809)C_(60),a C_(2v)-symmetric C_(60) isomer having two pairs


Non-IPR Fullerene;;Gas-phase thermal dechlorination;;Chlorofullerene;;Mass spectrometry


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