In situ observation of the evolution of intragranular acicular ferrite at Mg-containing inclusions in 16Mn Steel


Bin WEN~(1),2)*) and Bo SONG~(1),2)) 1) State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy,University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083,China 2) Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering School,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing 100083,China


<正>The effects of chemical compositions and austenitizing temperature on the formation of intragranular acicular ferrite(IAF) of 16Mn steel,a grade of low alloying steel with carbon content of 0.13~0.19%and manganese content of 1.20~1.60%,were systematically investigated.


Magnesium;;inclusions;;mtragranular acicular ferrite;;lattice disregistry


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