Development of blast Furnace Simulator Based on Particle Method


Tatsuya Kon;Shungo Natsui;Shigeru Ueda;Ryo Inoue;Tatsuro Ariyama;


<正>In order to mitigate CO_2 emissions from steel works,decreasing coke rate are mandatory.Since low coke rate operation increases gas flow resistance in the blast furnace,a stable gas flow is desired.The structure of packed bed of burden, the liquid slag and molten iron dripping in the lower part of blast furnace have an influence on the stability of gas flow. In the present study,a hybrid model of DEM-CFDand an advanced MPS method including wetting phenomena were developed. The dynamic behaviors of gas,solidand liquid flows in the blast furnace were investigated by the models.The DEM-CFD model was employed to simulate gas behavior in blast furnace including the cohesive zone.The MPS method was applied to a liquid flow in the coke bed below the melting zone.The motion of liquid in coke bed can be successfully calculated.The effects of the physical propertyand wettability of liquid phase on the motion of liquid flow were precisely analyzed.


ironmaking blast furnace;;low reducing agent operation;;discrete element method;;computational fluid dynamics;;moving particle semi-implicit method


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