Model of Catalyst Preparation Conditions and Selective Catalytic Reduction Activity of NO with NH_3


Taewon Kim;


<正>The catalytic activity test was carried out over Cu/γ-Al2O3 prepared by impregnation method with NH3 as reductant. The prepared catalysts have good performance for NO conversion. It is the first time that a three-dimensional model is used for expressing the relationship among the copper loading amount, reaction temperature and NO conversion ratio. The three-dimensional model can be expressed as Gaussian model, XNO=aexp{[(T-b)/c]2+[(m-d)/e]2}, and the parameters are obtained from the experimental data. The leave-one-out method is used as optimization and regression method for the parameters of 3D Gaussian model. The error sums of squares calculated are 0.4629 and 0.4583, respectively. The multiple correlation coefficients are 0.9470 and 0.9474 respectively. It is shown that the 3D model can meet the experimental data well and present the tendency of NO conversion ratio in three-dimensional space. It is suggested that the 3D model could be further employed for practical application.


catalysis, Gaussian model, NO


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