Excess Molar Enthalpies of Carbon Dioxide + Diethyl Carbonate in Critical Region of Carbon Dioxide and Their Application to Heat Supply System


Hiroyuki Matsuda;Shigetaka Yoshii;Tomohiro Hirano;Reiichi Takemoto;Kenji Ochi;Kazuo Kojima;


<正>Recently, much interest is focused on the studies for development of new processes using the unique behavior in supercritical region of carbon dioxide (CO2). The large heat effect of binary mixtures containing supercritical CO2 is expected to the applications in heat pump and other new energy-saving processes In our previous papers, we have measured the excess molar enthalpies (HE) for several binary systems at high pressure containing supercritical CO2 with a flow isothermal microcalorimeter (IMC).


excess molar enthalpies, carbon dioxide, heat supply system


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