Effect of secondary swirl flow on the supersonic and coaxial free jet




<正> The present study addresses an experimental investigations of the near field flow structures of supersonic, dual, coaxial, swirl jet. The swirl stream is discharged from the secondary annular nozzle and the primary inner nozzle provides the sonic and supersonic free jets. The interactions between the secondary swirl and inner sonic/supersonic jets are quantified by a fine Pitot impact and static pressure measurements and are visualized by using a shadowgraph optical method. Experiments are conducted to investigate the effects of the secondary swirl stream on the primary sonic and supersonic jets, compared with the secondary stream of no swirl. The results show that the presence of annular swirl stream causes the Mach disk to move more downstream, with the increased diameter, and remarkably reduces the fluctuations of the impact pressures in the supersonic dual coaxial jet, compared with the case of the secondary annular stream of no swirl.




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