Activities on pedestrian streets:Toward flexible landscape urbanism


Wenting CHEN Zhejiang University City College Creation and Art design school Hangzhou,China


<正>Observation of the two kinds of pedestrian streets in Hang Zhou present to the people's activities and the environment around them.They indicate that most of the activities on pedestrian based on the landscape,elements,and environment.Their activities can be defined in those dimensions—spontaneous,leisured.So you can found that the activities on the pedestrian always unnecessary and they change their activities optionally. This report is based on an analysis that takes the interaction of individual action and environmental resources as a unit of analysis and as a way to openrationlize human activity.From the data I also find an interesting phenomenon:when two kinds of pedestrian streets have different character,people's activities and their passion is distinct.People ignore the lack of the elements when they are interested by the landscape and the characteristic of the space.We can say that the landscape can change the activities of people on the pedestrian street.From the data analysis,it can suggest the more suitable ways to manage a pedestrian street.


Computer-aided design(CAD);;landscape;;pedestrian street;;openrationlize;;analysis


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