Reliability Evaluation of Au60Ag Cu Alloy Soldering joints I: Mechanical Analysis


Wenqing Qu;Guoqian Mu;


Au60Ag Cu alloy and silver plated copper wire were soldered respectively with Sn63Pb37、In50Pb50 and In Pb Ag solders. The effect of high temperature, high-low temperature cycling and high temperature storage on the mechanical properties of the soldering joints were analyzed. The results of the tensile tests at room temperature, at high temperature and after high-low temperature cycling all showed that, the Sn Pb soldering joint's strength was higher than the strength of the In Pb and In Pb Ag soldering joints. But the shear strength of the three kinds of soldering joints after 90 days storage at 150℃ from highest to lowest are: In Pb soldering joint, In Pb Ag soldering joint, Sn Pb soldering joint, in which the highest strength of In Pb soldering joint increased by 12 to 20% than the strength of Sn Pb soldering joint. In addition, all three kinds of soldering joints were not broken after creep test at room temperature, pull test after high temperature storage and vibration test.


Au60Ag Cu alloy,solder,environment test,shear strength


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