First-Principles Studies of Pressure-Induced Phase Iransformations in SiO_2




<正> Recent theoretical studies of pressure-inducedphase transformations in SiO_2 have revealed themechanism for the cristobalite to stishovitetransformation is a two step process involving firstrotation of SiO_4 tetrahedra followed by a translationto yield the 6-coordinated stishovite structure[1].Compression of the stishovite phase to the CaCl_2structure has been investigated in deail bothexperimentally and theoretically by several groupsand has been indicated to be resulting from latticeinstabilties associated with a vanishing shear modulus[2,3]. The question of the stability and transitionmechanisms of post-CaCl_2 structures has beenaddressed by many groups[4-7]. A recent study hasemployed ab initio molecular dynamics based on the


High Pressure, SiO2


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