Pressure effects on the transport properties of layered La_(1.0)Ca_(2.0)Mn_2O_7




<正>The transport properties of a polycrystalline of La1.0Ca2.0Mn2O7 with the layered Sr3Ti2O7-type structure are investigated under hydrostatic pressures of up to -1.05GPa. Layered La1.0Ca2.0Mn2O7 shows remarkable differences in their electron transport behavior under pressure due to the inherent structure as well as electronic and magnetic anisotropy compared to the isotropic perovskite counterparts. It is found that the metal-insulator transition temperature Tm(105k) is lower than the magnetic transition temperature rc(250k) at ambient pressure. The Tm increases with the increase of pressure at first, and then decreases with the pressure further increasing.


Layered manganate, electrical resistivity, pressure


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