Real-time Simulation of Tissue Cutting Based on Improved Mass-Spring Model


Jun Hu,Zhiyong Yuan,Dengyi Zhang School of Computer Science,Wuhan University Wuhan,Hubei 430072,P.R.China


Surgical simulations arc highly desired nowadays, since those can help surgeon trainees to practice and evaluate their surgical skills. A key element for the surgical simulation is the ability to simulate it realistic and real-time. In this paper, an effective method is proposed to achieve the realistic simulation of tissue cutting, and it is also real-time which is important to us. The method is based on an improved mass-spring model: a "virtual" spring is firstly introduced to ensure the realistic and real-time of the simulation, and a classic computation geometry algorithm is used to solve the problem of cutting detection, besides, the utilization of the verlet integration strengthens the real-time of the simulation as well.




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