A new five degree-of-freedom measurement method and system


Fengling you,Qibo feng and Bin zhang Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Optical Information,Ministry of Education, Beijing jiaotong University,Beijing,P.R.China,100044


<正>In this paper,a newly developed system for simultaneously measuring five-degree-of-freedom errors of machine tools is introduced.A single-mode fiber-coupled laser module is used to eliminate the beam drift of the laser source.Only a cube corner retro-reflector and a beam splitter are adopted in the moving target in order to sense the straightness errors and angle errors(pitch and yaw)respectively and simultaneously.A special prism(including a beam-splitter facet and an all-reflecting facet)was adopted to measure the roll.A simple common-path compensation method for laser beam drift is put forward,and a 2D position-sensitive detector and a lens are used to monitor angular drift of the laser beam. It is convenient to measure the parameters of the numerical control machine in workshop due to non-cable connecting between moving target and measurement head.The error analysis and theory analysis of roll which provide potent theoretical guidance in the future are given in detail.


five degree-of-freedom;;beam drift;;quadrant photodiode detector;;position sensitive detector


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