Optimal tracking performance for unstable processes with NMP zeroes


Jianguo Wang1,1,2, Shiwei Ma1,2, Xiaowei Gou1,2, Ling Wang1,2, Li Jia1,2 1 Shanghai Key Lab of Power Station Automation Technology, Shanghai 200072, China 2 School of Mechatronical Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China


This paper has investigated optimal tracking performance for unstable processes with non-minimum phase (NMP) under control energy constraint. Firstly, based on prime factorization of unstable process, a performance index containing tracking error and plant input energy is defined, which is represented by sensitivity function and control sensitivity function. Then, utilizing spectral factorization to minimize the performance criterion, we derive an optimal controller design method for unstable processes and furthermore study the optimal tracking performance under control energy constraint. The validity of the obtained result can be illustrated by the simulation research.


optimal tracking performance, control energy constraint, unstable process, spectral factorization


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