Z.Z.Liang Dalian University of Technology Dalian C.A.Tang L.C.Li & Y.B.Zhang Dalian University of Technology Dalian


<正>The study of rock fracture under triaxial conditions captures the essential features.Conventional triaxial compressive tests under confining pressure been used as a simple and effective way to investigate the progressive failure process in rock material.However,intermediate principal stress can't be considered in conventional triaxial compression tests. The paper presents a numerical model to analyze three-dimensional rock failure process and fracture mechanism under multi-aixial stress loading.Six conventional triaxial compression tests are undertaken under different confining pressure to investigate the failure process of rock specimens and the confining pressure effect is discussed in terms of stress-strain curves,fracture patterns as well as peak strength.Then another six true triaxial compression tests are undertaken under true triaxial loading stress to study the intermediate principal stress effect.In conventional triaxial compression tests,the orientation of the shear fracture planes to the loading axis increases with the confining pressure and the peak strength increases with the increasing of confining pressure.It can be found that the significant effect of intermediate principal stress on the peak had two zones in true triaxial compression tests,and this phenomenon can be explained with the Twins Shear Criterion.The numerical results also reveal that intermediate principal stress also influences the fracture pattern significantly,which has been ignored by many researchers.The presented numerical model is approved to be a useful tool to investigate rock failure behaviors.


triaxial compression tests;;rock failure;;intermediate principal stress effect;;fracture pattern


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