Acoustic emission characteristics and strength variation of skarn under true triaxial test


S.C.Xu School of Architecture and Civil Engineering,Shenyang University,Liaoning,China X.T.Feng & B.R.Chen Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan,Hubei,China


<正>Aiming at dealing with the brittle failure in the backstopping process at Shi Zhuyuan polymetallic mine,a series of biaxial test,true triaxial test and triaxial unloading test for skarn with different loading paths were carried out using the true triaxial loading apparatus and AE system,and some rules of strength,AE activities and energy releasing process were found out.The results indicate that intermediate effect exists under these loading methods for skarn which the strength increases at first then decreases with the increment of intermediate principal stress.With the variation of biaxial,true triaxial and true triaxial unloading tests,the AE accumulated hits increase gradually and the AE energy show an evolution process from abruptly transient releasing to progressive accumulative releasing.Under the same loading method,as the intermediate principle increases by degrees,the starting point of rock failure stage moving forward gradually,and the accumulative characteristics of energy releasing process becomes obvious.


time;ab;Acoustic emission characteristics and strength variation of skarn under true triaxial test;Figure;


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