Experimental study on constitutive models of rocks under loading with active confining pressure


XY.Xu Engineering College,Air Force Engineering University,Xi 'an,China; School of Mechanics and Civil Architecture,Northwest Polytechnic University,Xi'an,China J.Z.Liu,XC.C.Lv,Z.D.Wang & E.L.Bai Engineering College,Air Force Engineering University,Xi 'an,China


<正>The research of constitutive model of rocklike materials is one of the most important aspects in the rock mechanics study at all times.These models are essential for studying blasting mechanism,stress wave propagation, destruction effect analysis of underground structure,etc.At present,constitutive model of rock-like materials in static uniaxial stress state has been investigated widely,and can be proved by experiment accurately.However,as for complicated stress state,especially static-dynamic coupling loading, the investigation of constitutive model is much more complicated, and still at exploring stage.The development of constitutive model and impact mechanical properties tests of rock are closely linked.At present,Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar and light air gun instrument were mainly used to study the uniaxial dynamic characteristic of rock.But there were rare reports on the dynamic mechanical properties of rock-like materials under confining pressure.In fact,rock is under the condition of high static stress or ground stress before bearing dynamic stress in engineering practice and nature.So it is meaningful to investigate constitutive model and dynamic mechanical properties of rock under loading with active confining pressure. Firstly,on the basis of damage mechanics and statistical theory,through combining visco-elastic model and statistic damage model,a new statistical damage constitutive model of rock based on weibull distribution under dynamic loading is developed.Then,in order to simulate real stress state of rock in underground project,the traditional SHPB apparatus was improved.The impact test of amphibolites with different confining pressure and strain rate was carried out by using improved 100 mm diameter SHPB.Thus parameters of constitutive model were obtained,and the influences of parameters to constitutive model were analyzed.In order to improve the precision, the statistical damage constitutive model of rock was modified reasonably,so as to set up dynamic damage constitutive model of rock which corresponds to reality better.Finally, compared with SHPB experimental curve,the rationality of constitutive model has been tested and verified.


Rock properties;;lab testing;;physical modeling;;rock stress


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