Experimental evidences of dramatic embrittlement of hard rocks due to rising confining pressure at triaxial compression




<正>The paper discusses the variation of rock brittleness with confining pressureσ_3 for rocks of different hardness,failed under triaxial compression withσ_1 >σ_2=σ_3.Experimental results obtained for four intact rocks(sandstone,quartzite,Westerly granite,and dolerite) tested within the range of confining pressure 0≤σ_3≤150 MPa were analyzed. A brittleness index k = dW_r/dW_e =(E - M)/M were used for rock brittleness estimation at failure in the post-peak region.Here dW_r is the post-peak rupture energy;dW_e is


lab testing;;rock failure;;rock properties;;stability analysis


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