A role for the nitroxyl anion (NO~-) as an EDRF in resistance arteries


K.L.Andrews;J.C.Irvine;J.Apostolopoulos;J.L.Favaloro;C.R. Triggle;B.K.Kemp-Harper;


<正>Traditionally the vascular effects of nitric oxide (NO) have been attributed to the free radical form of NO (NO+), yet the reduced form of NO (NO-) is also produced from NO synthase (NOS) and vasodilates large conduit and small resistance-like arteries. Thus NO- may be of physiological importance, contributing to endothelium-dependent vasodilator responses previously ascribed to NO+. Currently, the role of endogenous NO- in the resistance vasculature is unknown. This study aimed to investigate the contribution of NO- to endothelium-dependent relaxation in rat


NO;as an EDRF in resistance arteries;A role for the nitroxyl anion;


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