CIC-3 channel in cell volume regulation, proliferation and apoptosis


Yong-Yuan Guan, Guan-Lei Wang & Jia-Guo Zhou Department of Pharmacology, Zhongshan Medical College, Zhongshan University, 74 Zhongshan 2 Rd, Guangzhou, P. R. China , 510089


<正>Cell swelling occurs in many physiological responses and pathological processes. CI- efflux through volume-regulated Cl- channel (VRCC) is responsible for cell volume regulation. The molecular genetic identification of VRCC is still under the debate. Recent studies in vascular smooth muscle strongly support that CIC-3 channel, a member of the voltage-gated CIC CI channel family. is responsible for swelling-induced CI- current and CI- movement and mediates


CIC-3 channel in cell volume regulation,proliferation and apoptosis;cell;


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