G-protein-coupled receptor cell membrane stationary phase:effects of receptor subtypes on drug-receptor interactions in cell membrane chromatography


Yu Wang,Bingxiang Yuan,Xiuling Deng,Langchong He,Youyi Zhang & Qide Han Department of Pharmacology,College of Pharmacy, Xi'an Jiaotong University Medical School, 710061,Xi'an, P.R.China;Institute of Vascular Medicine, Peking University Third Hospital, 100083,Beijing, P.R.China


<正>As a novel bio-affinity chromatography technique, Cell membrane chromatograph (CMC) was originated in 1996. The cell membrane stationary phase (CMSP) consists of porous silica coated with active cell membranes. By immersing silica into a suspension of cell membranes, the whole surface of silica was covered by the cell membranes in CMC. G-prptein-coupled receptor CMSP was prepared by immobilizing cell membrane on the surface of silica which acted as a carrier. The resulting HEK293 a1A adrenoceptor cell membrane stationary phase could be used for the


cell;G-protein-coupled receptor cell membrane stationary phase;


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