Effect of H_2O_2 on calcium current in rat ventricular myocytes


Chun-yu Deng,Shu-guang Lin, Xi-yong Yu, Zhi-xin Shan, Meng Zheng, Zhi-ling Zhou, Kuang Sujun & Min Yang Research Center of Medical Sciences, Guangdong provincial people's hospital, Guangzhou 510080, China


<正>Aim: To determine the effect and mechanism of H2O2 on L-type calcium current (ICa.L). Method: Single ventricular myocytes were enzymatically dissociated. Briefly, the hearts were quickly removed and mounted on a Langendorff apparatus and perfused retrogradely by using Ca2+-free Tyrode solution for 5 min, then switched to the same solution containing 0.5 mg/ml




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