Expression of the human HCN2 pacemaker channel transfected into mammalian cells with lipofectin


Xin Zhao & XiangJun Yang Department of Cardiology, The first Affiliated Hospital Soochow University, China


<正>Objective: To studied the electrophysiological properties of the hHCN2 channel in the stably transfected-hHCN2 HEK293 cells and detected acute effects of amiodarone on cloned hHCN2 channel. Methods: The plasmid hHCN2/pcDNA3 was transfected into HEK293 cell lines with Lipofectin. The transfected cells would be survived in the medium containing G418 antibiotic. In whole cell patch clamp experiments using HEK293-hHCN2 cells, HCN2 current (IhHCN2) was


Lipofectin;patch clamp;human embryonic kidney epithelial cells


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