Effects of traditional Chinese medicine bruclne on alcohol consumption and preference in alcohol-preferring FH/Wjd rats


Yu-ling LI;Jian-hui LIANG;


<正>Aim:To evaluate pharmacological and toxicological effects on alcoholism of brucine(BRU),isolated from traditional Chinese medicine Strychnos nux-vomica. Methods:FH/VVjd rats were used to study the roles of BRU on alcohol,sucrose intake and their preference in two-bottle choice test.In the paradigm of 5-d alcohol deprivation,antagonism of BRU on alcohol craving was investigated.Besides,the effects of BRU on locomotion,feeding and body weights were measured.To test the abuse potential of BRU,Conditioned Place Preference(CPP) was performed.


brucine;;alcoholism;;FH/Wjd rat


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