Absorption of SH-I-5 after oral administration in rats


Jun-ke SONG;Jia-lin SUN;Guan-hua DU;


<正>Aim:To develop and validate a good HPLC-MS method for the determination of SH-I-5 in rat plasma samples for further pharmacokinetic study.Methods: Six male Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 235±5 g was orally administered(po) SH-I-5.An Agilent Eclipse Plus C18 column(2.1 mm×100 mm,3.5μm) was used by the Agilent 1200HPLC system for chromatographic separation.The mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile - water(54:46,v/v) with 0.46%formic acid using an isocratic elution.Mass spectrometric detection was performed with Agilent 6110




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