Preparation and structures properties of atomized cobalt-alloy powders with low oxygen content


YANG Xiaohua,REN Xianjing,and WANG Hui Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy,Beijing 100044,China


<正>Based on the introduction of preparation process of the argon-gas atomized spherical cobalt-alloy powders with low oxygen content, the oxygen content,granularity and distribution characteristic of the alloy powders after Zr micro-alloying treatment were discussed, and properties of the alloy powders,such as oxygen content,fluidity and apparent density, tested,plus appearance and structure were analyzed in the paper.The results show that very fine granularity,low oxygen pickup,spherical shape,good fluidity and high apparent density are the main characteristics of the prepared powders,and the powders contain some hollow particles,but with decreasing granularity of the powder,content of the hollow particles is decreased.Structure of the powders without Zr micro-alloying treatment mainly is dentrite,after Zr micro-alloying treatment,dentrite content of the powders surface is decreased,part of isometric crystal appears,moreover, space between sub-dendrite is decreased,and length of dendrite also is reduced.In additon,carbide is separated on the surface of the powder,and structure of the powders is related with the granularity,smaller granularity and lower cooling speed make the transform from dendrite to isometric crystal.


argon-gas atomization;;cobalt-alloy;;oxygen content;;microstructure;;physical properties


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